Private Land Elk Hunts



Elk & Bull Hunting in NM

Private Land Elk Hunting
Top Notch Outfitter’s private land elk hunts are conducted on selected ranches in southern New Mexico. Top Notch has secured exclusive hunting rights on the best private land elk hunting ranches in unit 37 that totals nearly 45,000 acres.

The ranches are in unit 37 which is known for it’s world class bulls. The surrounding area is not known for high populations of elk but is noted for producing top end bulls with great mass. This combined ranch is about 45,000 acres that lies in the foothills of the Capitan mountains, the Jicarilla mountains and the Vera Cruz mountains, all in south central New Mexico. The elevation ranges from 6000 feet to almost 8000 feet in elevation. The terrain is mostly rolling hills with canyons covered by juniper and pinon pine mixed with some grassy flats. The terrain is mostly moderate with some steep more extreme areas. Over all these combined ranches have plenty of roads to access most of the hunting country so we can accommodate hunters from all levels of fitness.

What to Expect
Top Notch Outfitter’s goal is to kill 300″ class bulls or better and believe this a very realistic goal do to the superior genetics in the region. Typically you will be seeing 260 bulls up to 340 class bulls but you have the potential for the opportunity at a 350″ class bull or better. However, there are many factors that will affect the outcome of your hunt. Weather is always something that can change animal behavior and patterns but you and I both know we can not do anything about that. The one thing you as a hunter can control is physical conditioning and it is always important to be in the best shape possible. The better shape you are in the easier it will be for your guide to get you in position to get that perfect shot.

Weapon Choice and Tactics
Top Notch will be offering archery hunts as well as rifle hunts on the private land elk hunts.

Archery Hunts
The archery hunts will take place September 3rd-9th, September 11th-17th and September 19th-24th. The primary tactics for the archery hunts will be calling as long as the bulls are receptive to calling. Early September is the pre rut and the bulls will be starting to bugle and can be easier to call in because they are gathering their herds. Later in the season the bulls are bugling better which helps in locating them, but they often have cows, making it more difficult to call them in. If the bugling and rutting action is slow we will use water holes or even spot and stalk tactics to close the distance.

Rifle Hunts

The rifle hunts can take place any five consecutive days from October 1st through December 31st and can be set at the time of booking. Early October is still in the rut and can have rutting action through most of the month of October. This means you are using archery tactics while hunting with a rifle in your hands! Needless to say this can be very exciting and usually high success. After the rut is over we will primarily be using spot and stalk methods, often glassing from higher vantage points and moving in for the shot. Some of this ranch is relatively flat and open while other parts are more mountainous and rugged with thick cover making shots anywhere from 20 yards to 500 yards.

Private Land Elk Hunts

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Private Land Elk Hunt Prices:

$9000 for 1×1, includes landowner tag
$8500 for 2×1, includes landowner tag
$632 for state licenses and stamps
5 day rifle / 6 day archery