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Top Notch Outfitters believes that happy clients are the key to building and growing any business. That is why we strive to make every hunt enjoyable for every hunter. Below are testimonials of some our clients. Please feel free to contact them but be respectful of the times if there is a time listed.

This was a hunt I had dreamed about since I first started hunting as a kid. The hunt and the overall experience was top notch! Even though I didn’t harvest an elk I had the best hunt of my life and learned a lot about the elk through many up close encounters. I will be booking another trip as soon as possible. Brian and his family have a great set up and I highly recommend the experience to anyone.
Sam Wells - OH
Great experience with Top Notch… They worked very hard to get me my first Elk, the accommodations and food was great.
Bryan Hobbs - MS
This year was the third time I have hunted with Brian and Top Notch Outfitters, as always another quality experience. Brian, Christian, and Kelly all work hard to make sure the hunter has a great time in New Mexico. Some highlights from this years hunt,( Brain rattled in a nice bull from 400 yds to 20 yds- I will never forget the lead cow that walked to within 8 feet of us, so close you could hear her chew!, Got to full draw on the good 6pt that was bringing up the rear, but of course he stopped with vitals behind a bush) Thanks for a great hunt Brian!!
Joseph Wagner - WI
I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your family for the tremendous hospitality shown to me during my first-ever archery elk hunt. I can’t say enough about your entire operation before, during and after the hunt. The accommodations at camp were first rate, and the food was as good as it gets. My guide, Kelly Johnson, worked his tail off to put me in the middle of elk all week, and made my first-ever archery elk hunt a wonderful experience. It was everything I had expected and then some. I am already looking forward to my next archery elk hunt with Topnotch Outfitters.

If you want a real hunting experience, call Brian Newell at Topnotch Outfitters. I would recommend Topnotch Outfitters to anyone without hesitation or reservation. I can be reached by email at keylor363@comcast.net

Respectfully submitted
Chris Keylor - Barnesville, Ohio
My hunt with Top Notch was off the charts, elk bugling everywhere, multiple encounters. My guide very professional, positive, and worked very hard to get me into elk and bring them into bow range. I was able to kill my first elk with my bow and I could not be happier.
Kevin Kenney - TX
Brian and his family are great folks,I have been on other elk hunts ,Top Notch Outfitters are by far the best I have ever been on.Brian and his guides are very knowledgeable and will work hard to make sure your hunt is a success
Rick Dodd - NC
Brian and his guides are truly “top notch”. It was an amazing hunt can’t wait to come back!
Alec Ahmann - IA
The best elk hunt I have ever been on.The family was hospitable and the guides work hard for you to make sure you have the most productive hunt possible.Thanks again Top Notch Outfitters.
Mathew Shelton - NC
If your looking for a guide that will work hard to make your hunt a success, look for this one. Brian gets the whole family involved. The accommodations are comfortable and your food is some of the best.
Chris Burks - AL
251-513-0409 - Cbmiro@hotmail.com
I wanted to have a memorable hunting trip with my 17 year old son. I was referred to Top Notch Outfitters and they delivered. Our guide worked hard to help both of us fill our tags and we had a lot of fun doing it! We had a hunting experience that we will both remember for our lifetime and I hope to get back for another hunt in the near future.
Kevin Harmon - TX
Brian Newell and his family go out of their way to maximize everyone’s experience and success with their outstanding guides, accommodations and game. The Capitan area in NM is a very special area to hunt elk and the terrain and animal population is incredible. Top Notch Outfitters certainly lives up to its name and I can’t wait to return again.
Mark Groudas - Bolton, MA
I hunted the Elk gun season with Top Notch Outfitters in October 2015. The trip was excellent and met all my expectations. On the third morning of my five day hunt I shot a real nice bull that I am very proud of. I believe I saw about 150 Elk in my three days in the woods. We hunted area 34 and stayed at The Camp of the Tall Pines in Mayhill. The cabin was very nice and the folks running the camp were very concerned that I was comfortable and had everything I needed. This was a great trip.
Don Spillane - OH
513-478-9970 - Mdoutdoors@fuse.net
Top Notch Outfitters delivered on all aspects of the hunting experience. The guides were outstanding, creating a great experience using their vast knowledge of the area and abilities to put the hunter on elk. You will not regret choosing Top Notch!
Donnie Jones - Edmond, OK
405-609-4851 - Jonesjen@msn.com
No matter how many guided hunts you have taken, hunt with Top Notch and you will realize what all your other outfitters were missing – Brian Newell.
Jim Edinger
What a great trip I was able to line up with Brian for my Dad and myself! He worked extremely hard to provide a quality hunt from sun up to sun down. His knowledge of the area and experience made the hunt a time I will never forget…….it was a turn-key operation that has me planning a return trip!
Jeff Swan - IA
I must say this about top notch outfitters, they have some very good guides, and as an outfitter Brian is one of the best. His accommodations are second to none, his wife is a top notch cook and quite a conversationalist she’s awesome as is Brian. He’s out there to get you the type of animal that you are looking for, but he is honest as the day is long so what he tells you you can depend on it. Long story short he\’s one of the best an his prices are not bad either, it’s worth every penny
Craig Burgener - AZ
Top Notch Outfitters is the best outfitting service I have ever dealt with. Best food, accommodations and hunting opportunities possible, and most of all, trustworthy.
Larry Burkhart
Brian and his guides work hard to insure a memorable hunt. Get in shape and hold on for a real hunt. Arnie Minka
Arnie Minka - MI
Excellent outfitters. Hardworking –Honest- Affordable. A great area with a good population of Elk. Saw several 300++ Bulls. Highly recommended. The best outfitter we have been with! Barry Hager
Barry Hagger
715-273-4638 (Central Time)
Thank you for a fantastic hunt. Clayton did an awesome job…by far the best guide we’ve ever had. Even though we both shot bulls, this was also the best hunt we’ve ever had….and would have said the same thing if we didn’t harvest anything. Multiple encounters of mature elk. You definitely run a great camp.
Mitch Hager
Top Notch Outfitters, the name says it all! Brian works very hard to put you on elk and the accommodations’ are great along with great meals. Definitely will go back.
Roger Swan
Get in shape and practice with your weapon of choice. If you’re ready for the hunt the game is definitely there! Thank you and Kenny for a great hunt!
Eric Wilson - MO
573-480-0723 (Evening)
Brian you work your butt off to make it a great hunt. It’s always fun hunting with you. Top Notch Outfitters has the knowledge and the experience to put you in elk. The country they hunt is exceptional, and often the bulls are too. Trust Brian and his team to get you in range for the shot. The rest is up to you!
John Wilmesher - MO
314-791-2277 (Evening)
Prepare yourself for a great experience with Top Notch Outfitters!
Joseph Wagner - WI
920-2056828 (After 6pm)
Brian genuinely cares about his hunters and wants to give them the best experince possible.
Kevin Dishong - MO
Brian is your man.
Cliff Hopson - AR
Be in slightly better shape than Brian tells you! Be prepared to work hard. Trust your guide and bring good optics. Thank you Brian, it was a fantastic experience!
Russ Mehling - Manitoba, CA
204-392-3337 - Info@adrenalineoutfitters.ca (Between 5 and 10pm)
Beautiful country and great animals to hunt. Brian knows both well and works hard to put you the hunter in the right place at the right time.
Heather Wilmesher - MO
636-530-7107 (Evening)
Dear Mr Brian, I want to thank you for taking time to take me elk hunting. Dad and I really really enjoyed hunting with you. I am so happy that I got a chance to go and the experience to go elk hunting. Even though we did not kill anything we had so much fun with yall. Hope yall had a great time. Hope we get to do it again next year. Thanks again.
Isabel Hopson

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