Brian Newell

Capitan, New Mexico

As the owner, has been outfitting full time for twenty one years. He lives in Capitan NM with his family, wife, Kelly and youngest son David.


Las Cruces, New Mexico

One of the guides who is the oldest son of Brian and is an avid outdoors man. Christian grew up hunting and absolutely loves everything hunting. Christian is in his third year of college and is planning on continuing the family business.

Aaron Farmer

Ruidoso, New Mexico

As a guide and Hotshot Squad Leader or head honcho wild land fire fighter, Aaron is not afraid to climb every mountain until he finds you a shooter.

Clayton Wilson


As a guide, he is a government trapper in Colorado and is one of the best hunters and hounds man you will ever meet.

Garrett Born

Ruidoso New Mexico

He's a guide with a wife and three kids with one on the way. Garrett loves to guide his family as much as he loves guiding others.

Matt Ingram

Ruidoso, New Mexico

A guide who lives and works in Ruidoso NM. Matt is the comedian of the group and lives for elk season.

Todd Carr


A guide who has been guiding elk for 10 years with Brian and is Brian's right hand man.


Ruidoso, New Mexico

Roy is a seasonal wild-land fire fighter. When he is not fighting fire he is in the woods chasing hounds behind a bear or mountain lion.

Mike Acklin


As a guide, he is a retired government trapper / helicopter pilot where he flew helicopters doing predator control. Mike knows just what to say to make those bulls come running.






Excellence in Guided Hunts Throughout New Mexico

Top Notch Outfitters is owned and operated by Brian Newell. Brian grew up in northwest Colorado where he learned to love and appreciate the outdoors and all it has to offer.

The experience Brian has acquired from being a hunter, guide, outfitter, and business owner give him the unique perspective required to meet the individual needs of each Top Notch Outfitters client. Brian has been featured in several outdoor TV shows including Outdoors in the Heartland, Betterbuilts World of Hunting, Just Hunt, and Archers Choice.

Brian has also been recognized in articles in Sporting Classics, Outdoor life, and the NRA’s Free Choice magazine.

Top Notch Outfitters is proud to offer each client an individualized hunting experience, and the opportunity to hunt in areas that produce the mature, quality animal one expects from a guided hunt with an experienced, skilled, guide. After being the owner of a large outfitting service that guided up to 80 elk hunters per year, Brian has learned that bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to quality hunts.

Brian is not looking to be the “Walmart” of the outfitting industry but rather a boutique outfitting company that is large enough to offer all the amenities and services of a big outfitting company yet small enough to be able to customize each hunting experience.

Brian does not want any of his hunters to feel like they are on an “assembly line” hunting trip; instead his goal is for them to experience the feelings of friendship and acceptance that comes with being part of a close-knit hunting family. This individual attention makes for a memorable experience that will make you want to come back year after year.

We strive for excellence


Top Notch Outfitters believes honesty and communication – along with integrity, experience, and a commitment to excellence – are key to all successful hunts. Above all, Top Notch Outfitters approaches guided hunts with a “quality before quantity” attitude.

Quality over quantity

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