Hunting Opportunities For Youth

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Top Notch Outfitters looks forward with great enthusiasm as a New Mexico Elk Hunting Outfitter to participating in the yearly New Mexico youth elk hunts. It is the opinion of Top Notch Outfitters that youth hunting is important and in some ways as enjoyable and memorable as other types of hunting.

Brian has enjoyed many hunts with his sons and has experience hunting with other youth as well. If a hunter has the opportunity to take advantage of a youth hunt, Top Notch Outfitters would strongly encourage it.

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is doing a great job in encouraging youth to get into hunting by offering many youth hunts throughout the state. These hunt usually take place during the best time to hunt. For example the youth elk hunts that we offer are in the peak of the “rut” or breeding season. The elk at this time of the year should be bugling and can be called in to close range for a fun and exciting hunt. These hunts are after a short break from the archery season but before any other rifle hunt. This gives the kids a great chance at success and a desire to continue our hunting traditions.  New Mexico Elk Hunting is second to none when you take into acount the quality of the elk and the draw odds for getting a tag.  Draw odds vary from year to year and by unit but most youth hunters can expect to draw a tag anywhere from every two to four years.

Both areas we hunt offer specific hunting times for youth. The Gila area is a primitive weapons only area so the youth hunt is done with a muzzleloader. The Southern Sacramento area is a rifle hunt.  Since the youth elk hunts take place during the rut or the peek of the breeding season it makes  these hunts extremely exciting and successful with many of the shots coming at short ranges.    To qualify for a youth hunt, the hunter must be younger than 18 years old and must provide proof of having successfully passed a hunter safety course BEFORE the application deadline in March. These hunts are fabulous experiences and usually result in a kill.  New Mexico Elk Hunting is second to none when you consider the quality of game and the opportunity for tags.  The draw odds for this hunt is usually about 30% with 100% on shot opportunities at mature bulls and many being once in a life time type bulls.

The hunt price includes a guide, meals, and lodging for both the youth hunter and accompanying gaurdian.

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Rates for youth hunts are:

Sacramento Mountains Unit 34 Youth Rifle:
1 on 1 = $5000
2021 Dates
October 9th-13th

Gila Unit 13 Youth Muzzleloader:
1 on 1 = $5000
2021 Dates
October 9th-13th


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